Story, part 16

The days passed slowly and delightfully. 

The old woman with whom Nuszka spoke right after reaching the village was simply called “grandma”. Grandma seemed to have a special role in the village. More than once, she was seen in her hut receiving people who needed to complain and cry, both women and men. Everyone loved Grandma so much that they often went to see her instead of the healer. Her wonderful stories were full of magic and wise morals, they taught more about life than could be heard from the sages. Grandma has always been modest and welcomed praise with a laugh. 

Nuszka also spent a lot of time with Jadzia and other girls from the village. Since they heard the (made up) story about Nushka’s escape from the Blue Village, they didn’t ask for details. They seemed to take a disrespectful attitude to everything that happened outside their own village, believing that there was no better place in the world. Nushka could not agree more with that. 

She was fascinated by the villagers and delighted with the omnipresent greetings intertwined with tender and beautiful words. The council members spent most of their time in isolation, and when they did appear, they quickly passed like shadows, not exchanging a word with anyone. These people were accompanied by an aura that aroused admiration and strange anxiety at the same time. The greatest mystery, however, was the village head. However, for the sake of the “littleness” of this word, as explained by the inhabitants of the village, the woman was not called the village administrator, but “Magnificent” …