With drawings and words...

... i tell fairy-tales

Welcome to the world of fairy tales

Why do we cry at fantasy movies even if when we know it’s fiction? Because fantasy always brings a second bottom, a deep message and metaphors that sometimes reflect reality more accurately than stories “from this earth”.

I want to show you that fantasy (fairy tales, myths, legends) is wise and beautiful, that you can learn from it and be inspired by it in creating your life.

I want to take you on a journey through wild forests, on the trail of will-o’-the-wisp and the singing of Rusalkas, on a journey through the depth of the hearts of wild creatures, often having more in common with us than we think…


My name is Paulina Śliwa and I am the messenger of magical worlds.

I am a storyteller who uses both drawing and word. I am inspired by folk beliefs of the Slavs and magical stories from movies and books. I also create graphics and copywriting for social media.
My work has been used many times as illustrations for books, magazines and other materials.
I currently live in Poznań. I love the solace that the company of water and nature gives me, and the milk chocolate that melts in my mouth.



If you're interested
in creating something with my art,
feel free to contact me!

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