Story, part 3

– What’s your name?
– Noshka
Baba gave a soft whistling laugh.
“Stupid name,” she said
The presence of the girl made no difference to her. She didn’t hold herself from picking her nose and humming hoarsely.
– From black cumin (PL charnoshka)- replied Noshka
– Ah … I have to collect … – baba muttered under her breath – so what do you want?
Noshka sighed heavily because she did not know where to start. She was just about to say something when she realized that baba suddenly appeared right next to her and was looking at her with a frown.
– Show me your face – she took the girl’s face in one hand, and with the other she pulled her eyelid looking intently into the girl’s eye. – you feel bad … heavy soul … stinks …
Baba turned and dived into the corner of the hut looking for something while her little cat did not take his eyes off Noshka …

Written by Paulina

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