Story, part 19

– What are you doing here? Nuszka asked surprised 

– I am standing in front of you and looking at you, foolish! – Baba replied, and then chuckled hoarsely. She waved her hand at Yurek, implying that he should go away. When he was gone, she sat back on the moss, like a mother hen on its yet unhatched chicks. 

– Come, come – she pointed to Nuszka in front of her. When the girl sat down there, she felt as if she had entered some warm room. Baba looked at her closely for a while. It was quite an unpleasant experience. 

– You don’t like my visit – Baba said – You’ve made yourself at home here. 

– I’m fine here – Nuszka replied 

– Good – said Baba, taking a pipe from a rag bag and lighting it. After exhaling a smoke ring, she continued – Do you remember the day you came to see me? 

– Yes… 

– It was the day you got to know your mission and believed that it was important enough to leave your family. 

Nuszka decided that the question of how Baba Yaga knows about her having left her family does not make sense, as the woman could talk to animals, and they are everywhere. 

– I am glad you are paying me a visit, but what are you trying to say? 

– The new environment has taught you good manners. They will be useful – she inhaled the smoke from the pipe. Nuszka was irritated by the slowness of Baba Yaga. She blew smoke slowly through her nose and said – I’m here to tell you not to soothe your heart with other people’s promises too soon. 

The girl felt angry. Was Baba Yaga trying to question the rightness of her choices? Does she want to sow a seed of doubt in her right now when she feels that she has reached good people? 

– Whether you like it or not, YOU are wild – saying this sentence, Baba’s voice, though she whispered, was remarkably clear and her eyes flashed. 

She put out her pipe and stood up, then sucked in the air sharply. At the same moment, Nuszka felt that the warmth that surrounded her when she was sitting opposite Baba Yaga had disappeared. She looked around for Yurek, and when she looked back to where Baba was standing, the woman was gone. 

Yurko jumped out from behind a nearby tree: 

– Done? 

– Haven’t you heard? 

– No! You disappeared and now you are back! Ah, spells … 

Written by Paulina

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