Story, part 17


The entire village gathered for the evening ceremony that had been talked about for days. All festively dressed and serious. While several of the girls swung silently back and forth with incense, leaving a thick fog behind them, Magnificent spoke: 

– We recently welcomed two wonderful new people to our village 

She spoke slowly and loudly. She turned to Nuszka and the girl standing next to her, who had joined the village at the same time: 

– although you have undoubtedly already had the opportunity to experience it, I want to assure you that your new home is a unique and good place. They talk about us in various ways, but whoever does not agree with our rules of love, does not deserve to be here. 

Nuszka’s stomach turned strangely. Suddenly, she felt burdened with the responsibility to deserve the privilege of staying in the village. Magnificent continued: 

– To make it easier for you to cut off your old life, today you are given new names. 

She came up to them and put on Nuszka a wreath interspersed with sumptuous white flowers. Slow, rhythmic sound of drums filled the air. Nuszka, surprised by the course of events, first pushed back the wreath slightly and looked questioningly at Magnificent. She gently withdrew her hands and, looking into Nuszka’s eyes, said softly: 

– You have to choose between greatness and smallness. You have freedom of choice. 

Nuszka ran her gaze over the crowd, they stood almost motionless, staring at her. She felt as if she were seeing them all for the first time. She swallowed hard and tilted her head slightly. The wreath then rested on her head: 

– Your new name is Nula. Grow as the new you. 

After doing the same to the other person, Magnificent ended the ceremony with a happy speech, and the atmosphere changed from one extreme to the other, and the dancing began. Under these circumstances, Nuszka, or rather Nula, completely forgot about the unpleasant feelings that had accompanied her a moment before.