Story, part 6

– How did this happen? It wasn’t me, after all … – Nushka said, taking small sips of a sweet, soothing infusion with dried berries floating in it. Fresh morning air blew through the window
– There is more than a pile of bones and flesh in you. – baba brought her face closer to the girl, as if revealing a secret – do you know how a new life is created?
– Well, you have to have an intercourse with a man or sneak a child from a village woman.
The girl’s clear-cut answer caught baba off guard for a moment. Her mind wandered back to a very distant past, when she spent many hours developing formulas for love potions.
– At least you know that much. Listen to me – baba extended her hand to the raven sitting on the back of the chair, and it rested politely on her hand. She stroked its back with her fingers – as one dies, the spirit of that person flies away.
She paused for a moment, concentrating on petting the raven.
– The same spirit later returns as a bird to fly into someone who is being born. This person gets a spirit that has lived some experiences. Could have experienced abundance and happiness, but also completely different things …
– So I saw myself
– The same spirit is in you – baba confirmed
– Can I see more? Have some more of this potion?
– You saw as much as you were ready to see. I won’t help you any more neither will the potion. Baba is not used to talking this much – she yawned, then looked Nushka in the eyes and said – Your heart has brought you to me. Then why don’t you let it lead you further?
Nuszka tried to understand what the woman was saying, wondering if there was good advice in it or an attempt to chase her away.
– Get off, kid
As she made her way down the steps from the hut onto the chicken’s feet, the surroundings were teeming with life. The animals in this area, though untamed, seemed quite comfortable. Baba, with a twinkle in her eyes, was looking through the window at the departing girl.