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Domovoi (Polish: Domowik)

“All the protective, domestic demons were characterized by thrift and diligence, by what they’re commonly imagined as small creatures with brooms or other useful everyday work tools. Household deities were jointly responsible for the house and offsprings so they didn’t idle and they set in every time there is something to do in the house. It was widely believed that they were souls of dead lineage ancestors (usually former householders), that’s why Domovois and similar to them creatures were the most respected of all the Slavic demons. These creatures could hide behind the stove,  in the basement and attics. They were offered leftovers, and also asked to follow the family to a new homestead (…)

Domovoi was imagined as a small, densely overgrown with gray hair old man in an old shabby suit. His most prominent exterior feature was the thick gray beard which was long enough so the deity was able to sweep floor with it. It should be noted, however, that sometimes in tales Domovoi took on the form of black and horned creature, usually coming out after dark. “


Domowik ubożę

Fiery serpent (Polish: Latawiec)

“Slavic demons that affect atmospheric phenomena – winds, identified with the souls of aborted children, hanged convicted criminals. Imagined as big, black birds. Died during the storm smitten by lightning. Over time, the names of these creatures were used to call dissolute people because these creatures were known for seducing humans (…)

They were considered demons detrimental to people but it was possible to obtain the support of the Fiery serpent – one just has to pray, to cast a spell or give the creature abundant refreshments. Since then it became a domestic deity, helphul to the residents, for example it could blow wind in the wings of a windmill, at the same time taking the wind blows from competitive millers. “



Leshy (Polish: Leszy, Borowy, Boruta)

“At the head of the demonic forces of the forest was a forest spirit called Leshy. This demon was the master of the forest and all the animals living in it. He appeared as a man with a very white face and his height was dependent on the height of trees. Leshy also took zoomorphic forms, such as wolf, bear or an owl. Sometimes his presence manifested itself only by a gust of wind.”



Berehynia (Polish: Brzeginia)- in other words Boginka who has already appeared in here :)